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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are most prevalent in places where large numbers of people live together, such as hotels, apartment buildings and residence halls. They are the size of an apple seed and act as hitchhikers, catching rides on clothing, luggage, bedding and furniture to new places. Human blood is their preferred meal. Mostly quiet in the daytime, they hide in mattress seams, baseboard cracks, electrical outlets and even behind wallpaper. These insects become active at night, feeding as people sleep. Their bites can cause minor itching and swelling similar to mosquito bites.

  • Small rust-colored spots on bedding
  • Hard shells shed by the bugs
  • A sweet or musty odor
  • Small bites that resemble mosquito bites
  • Skin rash

Bed Bug Treatment Procedure

Technician treatment procedure-

Inspection – Thorough inspection of entire interior of home, apartment, office. All beds, furniture, base boards, electronic devices, wall plates, switch plates and all other areas where bed bugs can take up harborage.

Treatment process–initial treatment, 2 retreats, 30 day warranty

Initial treatment- with prep list compliance by client, initial treatment will begin.

  • 1) Treatment of all switch and wall plates.
  • 2) All cracks and crevices will be treated.
  • 3) Home will then be spot treated. Areas of importance will be bed, box spring, furniture and curtains.
  • 4) (Optional) – Bed Bug mattress covers will be offered and installed at an additional cost upon customer approval.

1st follow up – Inspect / treat:

First follow up visit consist of inspection and re-treatment. Full or partial treatment will be determined by technician.

2nd follow up – Inspect/ treat

Same as first follow up; consist of inspection of interior and re-treat if necessary.

This bed bug treatment comes with a 30 day warranty from the first initial treatment.

Use the Power of Pest Control

Do you think beating bed bugs is easy? Well, yes if you are aware of the best pest control techniques. Otherwise, it may harm you dramatically.Bed bug elimination requires a lot of care. That’s why people ask for a professional pest controller technician or bed bug exterminator.

These bugs are found mostly between sofas, hotels, residential buildings, and other jammed and hidden areas. Sometimes they are easily visible, and other times, they are not. But their bite may swell your skin and causes itching and redness. It may be worse too.

Bed Bugs In Mattress

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Bed Bug Bites

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